An online diary of my challenges and triumphs in my favorite indoor pasttime - pole dance!

Welcome to my pole dance page. Although pole dance isn't my main love or my career, it does make up a big part of who I am. I discovered pole dance a few years ago at a studio in Calgary. I tried out a class or two and really enjoyed it, however, it wasn't until I discovered my current, more qualified studio that I really fell head over heels in love with it. Let me clarify that I am not a pole dance instructor. I cannot offer advice or instruction. If you are interested in pole dance, do yourself a huge favour and find a certified instructor. Under no circumstances should you ever attempt even the most basic pole dance moves without qualified instruction. Copying what you see off the internet is a great way to permanently injure yourself. This blog is just a way for me to share my experiences; in no way is it meant to provide instruction.

Jan 19, 2012

The Shoulder Mount

Got abs?  You'll need 'em.  A much improved shoulder mount compared to the first time I posted one last April.

The Jack Knife

Last spring when I completed my federal taxes, I wrote myself a note in the paperwork that I'd be using for this year's taxes.  Among financially-related tax advice, I wrote, "I expect you to be doing a jack knife by the next time you do your taxes."  So the pressure has been on.  And here it is.  (And yes, I ripped the skin off my hand with this one.  Peeled off a callus.)

The Twisted Grip Aysha

This move has been on my bucket list for many many months.  Its amazing how difficult this move actually is.  I don't have it mastered yet, but this is a good start.  Gravity is pulling me in at least four different directions on this move, and its only my hands that are touching the pole.

The Closed Pike

Initially a very challenging move because you're really only holding yourself up with your hands.  All other inverts up to this point involved a secure grip with at least one leg as well.  Even though my feet are on the pole, they are not gripping it.  They are somewhat preventing me from wobbling side to side but they are doing nothing to combat the sensation that gravity wants to pull my body away from the pole butt first.

This is an important move to master before trying moves such as the candlestick or extended butterfly.

Apr 2, 2011

The Shoulder Mount

Okay okay, this is not actually a complete shoulder mount, but it is a starting point as we are just now starting to learn the early strength moves to get ready for a shoulder mount.  This is killer on the traps, and an awesome ab workout!

The Hero

The Hero is an incredibly challenging move.  Although my right hip and my left ankle are keeping my body steady, only my right arm is bearing my entire body weight.  This is a climate-dependend move...and it never works if there's even the slightest amount of humidity on the palm of that hand.

The Hero

The Superman

This move is haaaaard!  There are several ways to get into this pose.  I've been trying to use the Apprentice as a prequel to the Superman, but we've also been taught Flatline to Superman.  The challenge now is to figure out how to gracefully get out of it.  The goal is to Superman Jasmine.

The Butterfly Handstand

I must admit, I do not do this move well.  To get into it, I simply do a basic invert then slide down and place my hands on the floor, then rearrange my legs.  For some reason I find this move much more difficult than the Butterfly (which is an up-pole move), and I always feel like I am going to fall onto the floor on my back.  In fact, that did happen once.

Butterfly Handstand

The Flatline Scorpio

Although it shares its name with the basic Scorpio, I actually find these two moves incredibly different.  To be honest, I can't remember how I used to get into this move!  I now get into it from the Butterfly.  I don't think I've done one this level or this flat since I took this photo on the first day I learned the move. 
Flatline Scorpio

The Inverted Crucifix

This is actually a basic Level 3 move.  Once you learn how to invert, hanging on by your feet seems like second nature.  I can actually hold this pose for almost a minute, and I'm working on holding it for longer by watching TV while I hold it, and trying to forget the pulse throbbing in my ears! 

Its a little crooked in this picture because I have mild scoliosis, so forgive the asymmetry.

Inverted Crucifix

The Caterpillar

The Caterpillar is a long term project.  Not only is the move as picture below quite challenging (it totally feels like you're going to tip over backwards and splat on the floor on your broken back), but there are a few variations and different ways to do it (such as with an elbow hold), and of course the long term goal is to use this move to climb the pole.  I learned the Caterpillar in Level 5 and I'm currently finishing up Level 7, and I honestly feel like the Caterpillar Climb is probably a few levels away.  Regardless, here's my Caterpillar...

The Caterpillar

The Scorpio

Once we were taught the Gemini, the Scorpio was pretty easy.  I actually find the Scorpio easier than the Gemini, since the twist in your body on a Gemini makes it feel like you're gonna fall off the pole a little easier.  The only difference between the two moves is that in a Gemini, your inside arm and outside leg are hooked.  In a Scorpio, your inside arm and inside leg are hooked.  A more advanced way to do the Scorpio is to extend your inside leg so you are more hanging on with your ankle and not so much with the knee.  Someday....

The Gemini

When I first started pole dance a year ago, I was always checking out moves done by advanced students adn professionals on YouTube.  As a newbie, I decided that the most amazing move of all was the Gemini, and I set my sights on that challenge right from the very beginning.  When I was finally taught the Gemini in Level 5, I was over the moon!  I was so excited to finally nail this one, but all of a sudden I also felt a little lost.  I had worked so hard towards getting this one move that I didn't really know what to do next!  After a few weeks of thought, I decided that my next long term goal to shoot for is a Jack Knife.  So...stay tuned! 


Working on that Lazy One-Up

This move is a transition between an Apprentice and a Butterfly.  I'm still working on getting more extension in my Butterfly, but I'm reasonably happy with the move so far, especially since I was only taught this transition five days ago. 

The move really takes its toll on my down forearm, especially if I'm not pulling enough with my top arm.  And getting that extension of my one leg over the top of my head in the Butterfly is terrifying.  I really have to trust my other ankle!